Atlanta Mission 5K Race to End Homelessness

Atlanta, GA

Campaign Information


Top Individuals

Darryl Russ $1,525.09
ryan overall $1,450.99
Bonnie Beauchamp $1,274.13
Rebecca McIntosh $1,185.78
Shana Daniels $1,000.00
Cary Goldenthal $869.96
Kelley Sue Hardin $757.23
Shannon Tooley $680.31
Pamela Garrett $675.63
Deidre Cooper $632.02

Top Teams

EY $3,798.80
Homeless to Hope $2,970.29
East West Bank $1,775.75
Mission: Possible $1,650.99
Aetna $1,577.29
Purchasing Power $1,491.89
Thrifty Shana $1,000.00
Tin Roof Software $868.70
Balena's Barnabas Battalion $857.19

Balena's Barnabas Battalion

The Balena's Barnebas Battalion is a team that will focus on encouraging the last runners/walkers in the race.  Traditionally the individuals who finish last have never run a 5K before and need encouragement to finish the race.  Join the team or contribute, however the Lord leads.  I look forward to your participation.

--- Dan Balena, Director of Development, Atlanta Mission

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
Dan Balena $1,000.00 $582.19

Our Contributors

David and Laura Shainker $53.51
Esteban (Steve) Domingo $50.00
Pat McNabb $50.00
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Balena $100.00
Richard Justmann $50.00
Gene Vineyard $25.00
Daniel M Balena $528.68