Atlanta Mission 5K Race to End Homelessness

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Mission 5K Race to End Homelessness: Provide Warm Shelter for Those Who Would Otherwise Be Sleeping in the Cold

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$25 provides a day and night of warm, safe shelter, nutritious meals, clothing, job attainment services, counseling, and the opportunity to choose help for a homeless man, woman, or child in Atlanta this winter for someone who would otherwise spend the night in the cold, on the streets.

Top Individuals

Darryl Russ $1,479.31
ryan overall $1,395.00
Bonnie Beauchamp $1,225.00
Rebecca McIntosh $1,160.70
Shana Daniels $1,000.00
Cary Goldenthal $825.00
Kelley Sue Hardin $725.00
Pamela Garrett $660.00
Shannon Tooley $650.00
Deidre Cooper $625.00

Top Teams

EY $3,675.00
Homeless to Hope $2,895.00
East West Bank $1,725.00
Mission: Possible $1,595.00
Aetna $1,525.00
Purchasing Power $1,475.00
Thrifty Shana $1,000.00
Balena's Barnabas Battalion $825.00
Tin Roof Software $825.00