Atlanta Mission 5K Race to End Homelessness

Atlanta, GA

Campaign Information


Top Individuals

Darryl Russ $1,525.09
ryan overall $1,450.99
Bonnie Beauchamp $1,274.13
Rebecca McIntosh $1,185.78
Shana Daniels $1,000.00
Cary Goldenthal $869.96
Kelley Sue Hardin $757.23
Shannon Tooley $680.31
Pamela Garrett $675.63
Deidre Cooper $632.02

Top Teams

EY $3,798.80
Homeless to Hope $2,970.29
East West Bank $1,775.75
Mission: Possible $1,650.99
Aetna $1,577.29
Purchasing Power $1,491.89
Thrifty Shana $1,000.00
Tin Roof Software $868.70
Balena's Barnabas Battalion $857.19


This cause is dear to our hearts.

Chris Dad serve as a board member of the Atlanta Mission. A dear friend of mine has inspired me in so many ways to search beyond church walls and corporate offices to serve others, running for the 3rd year, in the cold, along with other supporters and no-longer-homeless themselves... it's something I want to do as long as I can.

It will be an honor for us to run in the cold every year, with your support to continue providing Atlanta Mission with the means to end homelessness in our community.


love and blessing!

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
Milla Callison $100.00 $106.70

Our Contributors

Cheryl Jenkins $26.91
Milla Callison Callison $106.70